App Sh*t Nuts!

untitledFlurry recently released data showing that app usage is up in 2014 while mobile web surfing is down. What does this mean for businesses? Some businesses are utilizing apps in their marketing strategy by turning to sites like  Goupon & Living Social , these are the mobile apps that allow users to search for deals. By using the data of previous purchases and location,  businesses are able to offer special deals to their target market. Mircosoft used these sites to send a five dollar coupon to “wealthy educated women who bought family-orientated deals” after they watched a video. When looking at consumers who retail online, 10%  are  acpinkcessing retailers using web and apps.  When looking at the current top apps, most are still gaming, however some companies are taking the app bull by the horns including eBay, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret , and Walgreens. All of these companies are on the top ten of the iTunes free lifestyle apps.  The most interesting app in the category would be the Victoria’s Secret app because it is such a narrow market. The Victoria’s Secret’s app is constantly being updated with version 4.1 posted on February 20th 2014. The app allows you to start an account, store your information, shop and receive exclusive offers. These are all excellent things to have in the app and the app is very easy to navigate. They offer another app for their Pink brand. While you cannot find any hard data on how many times the apps have been downloaded to a mobile device in  iTunes, the Victoria’s Secret & Pink Nation apps have over 10,000 reviews. The Pink Nation app recently had an in-app scavenger hunt that had consumers looking for the letter P-I-N-K within the app to receive a sweet treat from the company. This is an excellent way to get consumers familiar with the app which was launched originally in 2011 and was last updated February 7th 2014. Most consumers turn to their apps for entertainment purposes, so the scavenger hunt was a great way to get consumers to play a “game” on their phones but also become familiar with the Pink brand. This works great for their target market of college aged women. I wonder if they could find a similar way to get the older women interested in the Victoria’s  Secret Brand to play on the Victoria’s Secret App. Apps are where consumers are headed and it is important that your company is there to greet them.


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