Oh Snap!?

untitledSnap Chat is an app that was launched in September of 2011 and has 26 million U.S users as of October 28th 2013. The app allows users to send photos and videos to their friends that are automatically deleted after being viewed. You can also add a picture or video to your “story” which allows friend to view the snap for twenty –four hours. Businesses are trying to figure out how to use it to their advantage. Mashable recently interviewed the organization Do Something whose target demographic is young adults, they felt that snap chat was a good tool to utilize more Cupid-Snaps-2-640x319interaction with their market. In the campaign discussed in the interview Do Something discusses how the uploaded pictures into their story that encouraged users text key words to decide the fate of one of their team member’s Valentines Day. I think this was a campaign to strengthen the bond between the organization and its followers, giving them a face to think of when thinking of the organization.

A business who recently tried something new was the New York yogurt chain 16 Handles who recently gave customers a coupon via Snap CimagesCAE79UI2hat, the coupon had to be opened at the cash register to see how steep the discount would be some received 100% off their purchase, this was a great tactic because at this point you already have their business and the only way for them to see the discount would be to come into the yogurt shop. This app has the possibility to really boost business because it gives direct contact to their “friends” on Snap Chat and because consumers know that what is sent to them is only viewable for a few seconds it gives the business the consumers full attention for a few seconds. The trick to Snap Chat is that you must intergrade it into your other social media because the consumer must add the company to their friends list. Last year Taco Bell announced on their Twitter that were on snap chat and gave followers the name to add into their friends list on the app, the use this platform to release information on their release of the crunchy taco. You can use Snap Chat in a way to stay fully connected with your audience for a couple seconds.


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