Coca-Cola vs Pepsi on Facebook

It’s no doubt that Pepsi and Coca-Cola are competitors, the way that both of the competitors run their Facebook pages are pretty different.

Both of the pages are constantly being updated every two to three days and both of these pages use photos, questions, and contests to keep the public involved. Coke just finished up their #CokeGames Contest which allowed participants to enter videos of them participating in different games Coca-Cola made up involving the Olympics.
Coke Games

Pepsi posts photos and asks it’s followers questions opposed to asking followers to participate in contests. They try to get conversations going about the lives of those who follow their page, trying to get a deeper connection between Pepsi an their consumers pep

When you look at these two different techniques and the stats of the pages it looks like Coca-Cola seems to be winning with their Facebook page reporting 79,759,125 likes and 526,718 talking about Coca-Cola Pepsi’s Facebook page reports 31,502,083 likes and 152,845 talking about Pepsi.


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